Albers, Kristi
Alcott, Amy
Alfredsson, Helen
Ammaccapane, Danielle
Ammaccapane, Dina
Anderson, Janet
Andrews, Donna
Atsedes, Lori
Austin, Debbie
Bartholomew, Jean
Baugh, Laura
Bemvenuti, Luciana
Benz, Amy
Berning, Susie
Berteotti, Missie
Blalock, Jane
Bowen, Nanci
Bradley, Pat
Breer, Murle
Britz, Jerilyn
Bryan, Mary
Bunkowsky, Barb
Burton, Brandie
Caldabaugh (a), Tama
Caponi, Donna
Carner, JoAnne
Christa Johnson / Hollis Stacy,
Coe-Jones, Dawn
Crafter, Jane
Crosby, Elaine
Cusimano, Dede
Daniel, Beth
Daugherty, Diane
Davies, Karen
Davies, Laura
DeLuca, Annette
DePaulo, Lisa
Dibos, Alicia
Dickinson, Judy
Doolan, Wendy
Dormann, Dana
Drew, Heather
Dunn-Bohls, Moira
Eaton, Kim (a)
Eggeling, Dale
Elaine Crosby / Gail Graham,
Elaine Crosby / Nancy Scranton,
Ertl, Sue
Estill, Michelle
Figg-Currier, Cindy
Figueras-Dotti, Marta
Finney, Allison
Fruhwirth, Amy
Gail Graham / Hollis Stacy,
Gallagher-Smith, Jackie
Geddes, Jane
Gibson, Ellie
Gibson, Janice
Graham, Gail
Grimes, Lisa
Hamlin, Shelley
Hanson, Tracy
Harvey, Nancy
Hayes, Patty
Haynie, Sandra
Hiestand (a), Mary Jane
Howe, Lauren
Hurst, Pat
Imrie, Kathryn
Inkster, Juli
Iverson, Becky
Jan Stephenson / Jenny Lidback,
Jan Stephenson / Lorie Kane,
Jane Blalock / Allison Finney,
Jeray, Nicole
Johnson, Christa
Johnson, Trish
Johnston-Forbes, Cathy
Jones, Marjorie
Jones, Rosie
Kane, Lorie
Kean, Laurel
Killeen, Denise
King, Betsy
Koch, Carin
Kohlhaas, Jeannette
Kuong (a), Pam
Laurie Rinker / Donna Caponi,
Lidback, Jenny
Liselotte Neumann / Alicia Dibos,
Little, Sally
Loeb, Kelly (a)
Lopez, Nancy
Lori West / Cindy Miller,
Lovander, Marilyn
Mallon, Meg
Mann, Carol
Massey, Debbie
McGann, Michelle
Michelle McGann / Suzy Whaley,
Miller, Alice
Miller, Cindy
Moore, Mindy
Moxness, Barb
Mucha, Barb
Myers, Terry-Jo
Nancy Lopez / Betsy King,
Nancy Lopez / Michelle McGann,
Nause, Martha
Neumann, Liselotte
Nicholas, Alison
Nilsmark, Catrin
Nilsson, Pia
Nomura, Mieko
Palli, Anne Marie
Palmer, Sandra
Panton Lewis, Catherine
Parker, Kristal
Pat Bradley / Barb Mucha,
Pat Hurst / Juli Inkster,
Pat Hurst / Nancy Scranton,
Patti Rizzo / Michele Redman,
Patti Rizzo / Michelle Redman,
Pearson Tucker, Paula
Piers, Julie
Pitcock, Joan
Rarick, Cindy
Read, Amy
Redman, Michele
Redman, Susie
Rinker, Laurie
Rizzo, Patti
Rowland, Liz
Schreyer, Cindy
Scranton, Nancy
Sevil, Jenny
Shanahan Rowe, Laura
Sheehan, Patty
Skinner, Val
Stacy, Hollis
Steinhauer, Sherri
Stephenson, Jan
Tombs, Tina
Trish Johnson / Laura Davies,
Trish Johnson / Lorie Kane,
Tschetter, Kris
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Ward, Wendy
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Young-Robyn, Kathryn


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Sandra Palmer
Residence: Long Beach, CA
Birth Date: 03/10/41
Birth Place: Ft. Worth, TX
LPGA Rookie: 1964
Years in LPGA: 33
LPGA Wins: 19
Major Wins: 2
Holes-in-One: 7


TOP TENS: 0 EARNINGS: $9,640.00


TOP TENS: 1 OFFICIAL MONEY*: $107,075.00
    UNOFFICIAL MONEY: $6,556.00
  *Official Money applies to Legends Tour career rankings.
Started playing golf at the age of 13 in Maine, where she worked as a caddie. Credits Ernie Vossler, Harvey Penick and John Revolta as the teachers most influencing her career. Inducted into Texas State Golf Hall of Fame in October 1985. Inducted into the National Collegiate Hall of Fame in 1988. North Texas State�??s Alumnus of the Year in 1977. Class A member of the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional (T&CP) Division. Joined the Jim McLean Golf Academy at PGA West in 1998.

In 1975, won the U.S. Women�??s Open and the Colgate Dinah Shore Winner�??s Circle; led the LPGA money list; captured LPGA Player of the Year honors.

Q: What clubs do you play?
A: Henry Griffitts.

Q: What's the best part of your game?
A: The best part of my game is my accuracy.

Q: How often do you practice?
A: I don't play as much now, so probably once or twice a week. I have been practicing a little more than usual this year.

Q: How did you feel when you won your first LPGA tournament?
A: Great! It was in Japan, the Tokai Classic, and we played in between a men's event that included Lee Trevino and Curtis Strange and some others. That made it sort of a unique tournament to win. I also met Chako Higuchi, a famous Japanese player who won the Colgate and was very competitive in the LPGA Championship.

Q: What do you like most about the Women's Senior Golf Tour?
A: I love it that the "legends" have an opportunity to continue playing. It's something to look forward to, and I think we appeal to the fans. They are very appreciative of the personalities we have and the interaction. They've embraced us, and it's fun!

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