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Jane Crafter
Residence: Phoenix, AZ
Birth Date: 12/14/55
Birth Place: Perth, Australia
Education: South Aus Institute of Tech
LPGA Rookie: 1981
Years in LPGA: 24
LPGA Wins: 1
Holes-in-One: 1


TOP TENS: 2 EARNINGS: $28,171.00


TOP TENS: 13 OFFICIAL MONEY*: $202,942.00
    UNOFFICIAL MONEY: $45,087.00
  *Official Money applies to Legends Tour career rankings.
ISPS Handa Cup World Team 2010-2014

Inducted into the South Australian Sports Hall of Fame and also the South Australian Golf Industry Hall of Fame in 2011. 1 Unofficial Win: JC Penney Mixed Team 1987 with Steve Jones. 3 International Wins: 1992 & 1996 Australian Ladies Masters, 1997 Womens Australian Open. As an amateur, won the 1978 New Zealand Amateur and 1980 Belgian Amateur. Runnerup in 1977 Australian Amateur and 1980 Canadian Amateur. Represented Australia in international competition 10 times.

Started playing golf at the age of six. Credits her father Brian, Wiffi Smith, Donna White and the late Dr. DeDe Owens as the individuals most influencing her career. Is a women's golf television commentator for ESPN, NBC and the Golf Channel. Nickname is Crafty. Design consultant for Crafter & Mogford Golf Strategies (golf course architecture). Honored in 2004 as South Australia's Greatest Ever Sports Star by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation. Became U.S. Citizen in April 2007 (dual citizenship with Australia). Hobbies include gardening, cooking, wine and photography. Collects golf and pharmacy antiques.

Q: What clubs do you play?
A: Callaway. Putter is an Odyssey Divine Rossie.

Q: What's the best part of your game?
A: Best part of my game is my short game - wedges, chipping and putting.

Q: How often do you practice?
A: As much as my TV announcing schedule, body and heat in AZ will allow!

Q: How did you feel when you won your first professional tournament?
A: My first pro event I won was a mini tour event (WPGT) in San Antonio TX in 1981.....was a very thrilling and satisfying feeling to know that I could do this professional golf thing, after coming over from Australia only a few months earlier.

Q: What do you like most about The Legends Tour?
A: I am so excited about The Legends Tour....as one of the founders it is so gratifying to see it come to fruition, and hopefully become a force in the world of professional golf. It is also wonderful to be able to play with my long time friends of many years ago, who have retired from the LPGA Tour, but who love the game of golf and feel the competitive spirit still!

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