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Barb Moxness
Residence: Edina, MN
Birth Place: Montevideo, MN
Education: Arizona State
San Diego State
Northwestern College
LPGA Rookie: 1978
Holes-in-One: 4


TOP TENS: 1 EARNINGS: $18,419.00


TOP TENS: 16 OFFICIAL MONEY*: $300,592.00
    UNOFFICIAL MONEY: $34,085.00
  *Official Money applies to Legends Tour career rankings.
Barb is involved with an organization for teenagers called "Family Hope Services" and other non-profit organizations. Enjoys writing books and hopes to get published. Enjoys many athletic activities, especially snow skiing and hiking in the mountains and working out. Loves to relax with a good book or music.

Golf Tip: My philosophy of teaching involves simply hitting a ball with a golf club, not trying to create a perfect swing. It is not true that if I make a perfect looking golf swing I will hit a perfect golf shot. But it is true that if I use the golf club (A TOOL) as it was designed to be used, I will hit good golf shots.

The simple fact is that there is a golf ball and a golf club, the objective is to develop skill with the TOOL (the golf club) at the impact point of the golf ball, which will create consistency with golf shots. The golf club is the TOOL which we use to hit the golf ball and we control that TOOL, it does not have to control us. To use the TOOL efficiently we need to start by understanding three simple concepts:
1. The palm of the right hand is the face of the clubhead (For right-handed golfers). Where the palm of the right hand goes is where the face of the clubhead goes and ultimately the golf ball. I control the direction and the distance of the golf ball by the direction and energy I put into my right hand.
2. The handle of the golf club must always be moving forward past the golf ball at impact. If the handle of the golf club moves backwards at impact we will hit fat, thin, and inconsistent golf shots. I control the clubhead by controlling the handle of the golf club.
3. The angle of attack with the golf club at impact must be downward. I control the trajectory and quality of a golf shot by controlling the impact angle of the golf club on the golf ball. If the center of the ball is the equator and the top of the ball is the northpole, we need to hit the ball on an angle between the equator and the north pole. Most poor hit shots are by trying to hit the ball between the equator and the south pole of the golf ball.

These three ideas are the basis for developing skill of hitting a golf ball consistently. They are the beginning point of using the TOOL to play the game of golf. These ideas can be the basis for anyone to develop a golf game that they can control and that will bring them much enjoyment. These concepts sound so simple, yet as I have worked with them over the years they have revolutionized many students golf games and enjoyment of the game. Try them and see how they work for you.


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